Hey Guys! We just launched our IndieGoGo Campaign for The World According to Ninja!
HELP us out so we can finish Season One of our series!!!!



The World According to Ninja IndieGoGo!

Hey guys!!!! We are new to Newgrounds, well, we've been watching newgrounds for years and always wanted to do an animated web series.
We recently just submitted our FIRST episode of our FIRST animated venture and we are under judgement. If you can go view it and give us your honest review/response that would help A LOT!
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/604246?upd ated=1
Please and Thank You guys!!!!

The World According to NINJA- Episode 1

Teaser Trailer!!!!

2012-09-26 22:38:48 by SOMNIUMANIMATION

Hey guys!!!

Still working out the conversion process for our videos...so until then. Ill have to share from our youtube account!
Here is a Teaser Trailer to our Animation "The World According to NINJA"


Hey Guys!

Still getting use to the Newgrounds workflow and how we can convert our videos/episodes into Flash Files for the site.

Meanwhile, check out a screencap from Episode 1!

Screencap from Episode 1!


2012-09-22 15:50:27 by SOMNIUMANIMATION

Somnium Animation now OFFICIALLY has a Newgrounds Account!!!
We will be uploading videos and art from our First Web Based Animation 'The World According to NINJA"!

Please stay tuned for updates and share us with your friends!